Gold City Flower Gardens Gold City Flower Gardens

If you buy 2 flowers of the same name you will receive a third flower free.
The gardens are closed to the public. We will not be taking any appointments to visit.

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Code Name Price    
ABFranklin A. B. Franklin (Franklin 1928)
AbiquaMoonbeam Abiqua Moonbeam $8.00
Absolute_Treasure Absolute Treasure $10.00
Addie_Tischler Addie Tischler (Tischler)
Admirals_Braid Admiral's Braid $12.00
Adonis Adonis (Sass 1930) $22.00
Aerie Aerie (Bigger 1949) $18.00
Alexander_Woollcott Alexander Woollcott (Saunders 1941)
All_Star All Star $12.00
Almond_Puff Almond Puff $8.00
Alpine_Mist Alpine Mist $8.00
Always_Afternoon Always Afternoon $7.00
American_Original American Original $10.00
Angel_Cheeks_p Angel Cheeks (Carl G. Klehm) $20.00
Ann-Berry-Cousins Ann Berry Cousins (Cousins 1972) $25.00
AnnCousins Ann Cousins (Cousins 1946) $22.00
AnnKulpa Ann Kulpa $15.00
AnneBigger Anne Bigger (Bigger 1945) $25.00
Apabcollus Apabcollus $5.00
Apache Apache (Wolfe-Bigger 1966) $18.00
Apollodorus Apollodorus $5.00
Apricot_Jade Apricot Jade $7.00
Athena Athena (Saunders 1949) $20.00
Autumn_Red Autumn Red $6.00
Ava_Michelle Ava Michelle $7.00


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